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Adobe Student Ambassador program

The Fall 2023 Adobe Student Ambassador program is open to Rutgers students. Adobe student ambassadors are creative leaders who are passionate about helping others find their voice online and beyond. They are students who…

Attend college at a school that is a customer of Adobe, with full access to Adobe programs provided by the university (Rutgers).
Are in good academic standing (Minimum undergraduate GPA of 2.0).
Are highly motivated, social, and influential and are interested in representing Adobe both on and off campus.
Are enthusiastic about Adobe products and have experience using Adobe Creative Cloud.
Inspire students around them by thinking outside the box and brainstorming new ways to leverage their connections via clubs, academics, and co-curricular activities.
Demonstrate a passion for creative thinking and bringing innovative insight on-campus.
Are interested in social media, marketing, and planning events with other ambassadors.
Students can become an Adobe ambassador and help increase awareness and use of free Adobe products on campus by:

Helping fellow students navigate to their school activation portals, getting them logged in to their Adobe accounts for the first time, and discovering what tools are available.
Helping students use Adobe products – especially Adobe Express – for the first time!
Representing Adobe both in-person and virtually, through social media, club meetings, student events, faculty connections, and more!
Partnering with faculty and administration to provide instructional support.

To apply for this job please visit express.adobe.com.