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The University of Pennsylvania Biomedical Science Library and Penn Global Medicine

Bibliometric-Altmetric Data Mining Internship

The University of Pennsylvania Biomedical Science Library and Penn Global Medicine

FY ’23

Overview: Unique full-time position working with Penn Scholars and Executives to determine Global and Domestic Impact and Influence in advancing treatment in Blood Cancers treated in Hematology-Oncology division using highly cited journals and altmetric databases.

Scope: The data is specific to humans, however, comparisons with other data sets [such as Animals-Veterinary studies] may be applicable. The data sets would be within the last 20-30 years with emphasis on trends and peaks from those individuals citing work, to highlight Impact and Influence in Practice or Research Discovery.


1. Applicant will be using multiple software databases to develop queries, hypothesis and models

2. Applicant will be working with multi-disciplinary teams of Physicians-Nurses-Administrators in Clinics, Marketing, Public Relations et al to develop insightful questions to answer

3. Applicant will learn how to visually represent data to ensure accurate interpretation

4. Applicant will learn Network Mapping and narratives to express Relationship Impact among various institutions and individuals

Time allotment:

Full-time position with meetings {virtual at this time} during business hours, however with Global work, accommodation for others’ schedules in their time zones may be required.

Key Responsibilities:

· High performance standards working directly with University of Pennsylvania’s Director of Data and Innovation services and Penn Medicine Executive, International Business Development and, this individual will provide series of reports using licensed datasets and tools for which training will be provided. Design search method using faculty work product to develop Research question.

· Using method, identify queries for search engines including but not limited to: Web of Science [WOS], Scopus.

Takes a leadership role in learning and teaching the new databases to include but not limited to: Dimensions-Altmetrics [Digital Science] and H1.

· While working with Director of Data Innovation, modify method to ensure ultimate accuracy of data collection, analysis and reporting.

· Instrumental in helping team develop and implement ‘Rules of Risk’ standards for applying data.

· Partners with internal and external teams to include CPUP faculty, Nursing, Librarians in other schools at University; Data managers, Decision Support, Marketing, Finance, Penn Global and Signature services, Development.

· Represents Penn Medicine to highest professional standards while working with internal and able to quickly generate written reports with analysis and projections for discussion/presentation as Essential part of team; Maintains an open line of communication

with the sales team updating situational progress as needed. Attends in-person and telephonic meetings


1. Proficiency in Excel, Word, PowerPoint and other databases required. Proficiency in Virtual meetings with ease required

2. Professional demeanor and self-actualized to develop action plans and meet timelines

3. Strong organizational skills and attention to detail to meet deadlines

Start date: TBD

Reports to: Manuel de la Cruz Gutierrez, Ph.D

To apply for this job email your details to Kelly.Abramson@pennmedicine.upenn.edu