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Acquco is seeking a Cloud IT Administrator/Developer to organize, manage, and enhance Acquco’s IT systems/infrastructure. From cloud infra (e.g. AWS), to SAS tools (e.g. Slack), to physical assets (e.g. laptops), you’ll work across technologies and business departments to bring structure and organization across the entire organization, while developing your abilities and knowledge. Work and grow within a dynamic fast-paced environment, learning/working across all business areas!

Configure and monitor cloud assets (e.g. AWS computing infrastructure), including spend and budget
Standardize/organize software and accounts across the company: reducing complexity and issues
Establish IT onboarding SOPs/standards (e.g. security and access controls), and provide IT support for employees
Acquire, provision, and configure company hardware assets
Provide input to IT acquisition/adoption decisions to meet operational needs, and execute on IT acquisitions/adoptions/integrations

Associate or Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, System Administration, or related field
3+ years of work experience in IT or equivalent role

Nice To Have Skills
Amazon Web Service experience
Experience with ecommerce software, e.g. zendesk, shopify
Experience with productivity tools, e.g. G suite, Front, Office, Slack

Effective at self-prioritizing efforts: recognizing (possibly time-sensitive) cost/benefits of your actions, practicing iterative software development principles (i.e. delivering incremental value,)
Effective and proactive communicator, adjusting language to ensure comprehension by (possibly non-technical) teammates, enabling everyone to make informed decisions/choices
Collaborative teammate who thrives within an inclusive culture, working across business divisions with teammates of diverse backgrounds
Embodies a growth mindset and a willingness to go into the unknown: ready to learn new concepts and new technologies, doing what’s needed to help the team succeed

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