OmniSoC & Rutgers University and Indiana University

OmniSOC member universities are partnering with Elastic to offer interns
a view into a large-scale security operations center (SOC) in the higher
education space. The six-week hybrid format will provide students with
a real-world understanding of cybersecurity networks and the SIEM
environment. Mentoring and guidance in the components of an SOC
include workshops with Elastic.
Weeks 1 through 3 will take place at the OmniSOC in Bloomington,
Indiana, then finish back home to gain experience in a remote work
By the end of the program, students will:
• Expand their ability to identify and mitigate cybersecurity threats
• Gain actual experience in network security
• Collaborate with university professors to complete a final project
• Share their impact with technology on your campus
• Be better equipped for a career in cybersecurity
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