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Coordinates with classroom instruction teachers in the assigned school/schools and works to achieve state curriculum content standards and district educational goals and objectives.
Collaborates with teachers to integrate information literacy competencies across the curricula including digital citizenship and understanding “fake news”.
Provide all forms of media resources and materials for teachers and students to supplement the instructional program and assist in student research.
Great communication skills both written and verbal.
Promotes relationships with external information sources and participates in electronic networks and resource sharing systems to expand the media center’s capacity to access information globally.
Strong management skills.
Ability to maintain a comprehensive and efficient system of cataloging all media center materials and is able to provide professional development on using these systems.
Google Level 1 educator certified preferred
Applicants are to apply via Applicant Tracking and e-mail a letter of interest to Mrs. Paul, Director of IT, no later than July 11, 2021. End date subject to change.

Applicants are to apply via Applicant Tracking and e-mail a letter of interest to Mrs. Paul, Director of IT,


To apply for this job please visit