Job/Internship Hunting is super stressful.


Here are a few tips to remember:

  1. Don’t go it alone.  You have University Career Services and Career Services at SC&I (Dr. Hester Coan) to provide support.
  2. Create a peer support group (who are also job hunting) who will help keep you energized (watch out for complainers and energy drainers)!
  3. Spend some time every day exercising, it will help you think, renew your determination, and keep you off the couch.
  4. CareerKnight has GREAT tools, on the home page check out: Vault, Going Global, and the best tool ever CareerShift.  All FREE as an RU alum.
  5. READ career advice, sometimes you will pick up an idea that will start you thinking about whole new career paths! 
  6. Don’t put yourself in a box!  Try new search terms, practice re-branding yourself for each position you apply for, become a flexible storyteller!
  7. NETWORK, NETWORK, NETWORK.  Whether its online (LinkedIn) or in person at young professional or alumni socials or family parties, always share that you are job searching.
  8. Send your resume to all your contacts so if they hear of an opportunity they can forward it for you.  Lots of people get jobs this way.
  9. Research potential employers, read company websites  (try Marketline through RU Libraries) these skills will impress in an interview!
  10. KEEP BUSY!  Volunteer or work part time while you are searching.  The more new people you meet the more likely you will tap into the right network for you.