Career Paths for SC&I Students

A New Year’s Resolution:  Move forward on your Career Path!

Looking to get credit for your Spring internship?

You can check out your options in your major on the SC&I website or

Apply for internship credit through University Career Services

Rutgers Internship & Co-op Program (RICP)

The deadline for a completed Spring 2016 application with RICP is January 21.

HERE IS A NEW OPPORTUNITY:  Become a Student Correspondent!

See information at

Center for Communication

Here is a new face for Spring Semester!

Colin Liebtag

  Meet our new liaison from University Career Services to SC&I, Colin Liebtag!

He is ready to help you with your Career decisions.

You can find him at the Gateway Transit Village

106 Somerset Street, 4th Floor, next to Barnes & Noble.

Dr. Hester Coan is always ready to help you.

Click on the Link Below to See a 4 minute Commercial about Career Services at SC&I

hester coan_2_900px

SC&I Career Website Commercial