Did you know that a Human Resources manager can spend less than 10 seconds on a resume?

Make sure they can see the information that relates to your desired position.

Help them hire you.

Dr. Coan’s basic resume tips

  1. Develop each resume uniquely using vocabulary from the job/internship ad.
  2. Limit your bullet points to a single line (show you can edit).
  3. Start each line with an action verb!
  4. Gain technical skills to list on your resume for free at lyndaCampus through SC&I.
  5. Remember every app you use and take for granted is a skill you have.
  6. Think of your resume as a short advertisement, not your life story.
  7. Limit yourself to one page, one inch margins all around, 12 point font.
  8. Do not squeeze!  Demonstrate your design ability
  9. Resumes are scanned for key terms, be sure you’ve inserted them
  10. Save and send your resume like a pro: as a .pdf (Smith Suzie Resume)

Come to a Drop in Career Advising session or email today:   hester.coan@rutgers.edu

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