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“Could Snapchat Hurt Your Career?

by Kristina Rudic | June 08, 2016 Vault Blog

Here at Vault, we’ve spent a lot of time talking about Snapchat recently, as we planned the launch of our own account. And, because we’re always thinking about careers, one of the issues that came up was whether employers can, or should, be checking out a candidate’s account as part of the hiring process. The quandary has been whether or not Snapchat should be viewed like any other social platform, on the same playing field as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, all of which are routinely scoped by employers when making hiring decisions. It could even be argued that due to its short-lived nature, a story on Snapchat is more personal than anything published on other social media pages.”  Create a Vault account and read more on this topic.  Give your feedback.