What do you need to get a job or internship?  A resume. 

Get started today on your resume and come to a Drop-In Advising session during the Fall semester for help.

Move forward every day on your career path by taking action

resume sample

Human Resources can spend less than 10 seconds on a resume. 

Make sure they can see the information that relates to the position you are applying to.  Help them hire you.

Dr. Coan’s 10 basic resume tips

  1. Create/save a “master resume” file on your computer with all experiences
  1. Develop each resume uniquely from that file to demonstrate your match to the position
  1. Limit your bullet points to a single line (demonstrate the ability to edit)
  1. Avoid claiming “I am an excellent writer” instead demonstrate by writing excellently
  1. SC&I STUDENTS Gain technical skills to list on your resume for free at Lynda.com
  •  http://comminfo.rutgers.edu/instructional-technology/lyndacampus-for-sc-i.html
  1. Remember every app you use and take for granted is a skill you have
  1. Think of your resume as an advertisement, do not try and tell your whole life story
  1. Limit yourself to one page, one inch margins all around, 12 point font.
  1. Use vocabulary from the job or internship description in your resume and cover letter
  1. Take advantage of University Career Services and Career Services at SCI