The New York Times identified the Top 20 Fields for Internships: Get Your Skills On

(FEB. 3, 2017)

“This is high season for securing a summer internship, an essential talent pipeline for employers and steppingstone for students.

Postings peak in March, with 30,443 advertised positions in March 2016…But before sending that résumé, take a good hard look at what’s on it.

“Employers are being a lot more specific about the skills they expect from interns,” says Scott Bittle, a spokesman at Burning Glass Technologies, a research company that visits more than 40,000 websites a day to collect employer postings for internships. For example, students are expected to show up versed in particular software. But the top crossover skill: project management, which requires people skills.”

Look what made it into the top 10:

MARKETING (35,498)

Social media, marketing, Adobe Photoshop, Facebook, market research


Social media, journalism, Adobe Photoshop, marketing, technical writing and editing


Data analysis, data collection, market research, mathematics, project management

A version of this article appears in print on February 5, 2017, on Page ED2 of Education Life with the headline: Get Your Skills On.