Career Path for SC&I Students

4 Steps to Your Spring Internship

  1. Use Focus 2 (online) to identify potential Careers
  2. Search CareerShift or listings pulled from CareerKnight (RU Jobs)
  3. Polish your Resume at a Drop-In Advising Session
  4. Use VAULT to research Employers: focus your resume and prepare for an interview

What is your dream job?

Have you researched it to be sure of the fit?

Try Occupational Outlook Handbook

Dr. Coan has developed lists of professional organizations/associations for the careers your SC&I major and specialization address.

Drop in or email Dr. Coan and ask for the right association for

See the Events Calendar to find out how to achieve SUCCESS and come to Dr. Coan’s Drop in Career Advising Sessions.

Move forward on your Career Path today!