Career Paths for SC&I Students

 Dr. Coan’s 10 basic resume tips

  1. Create/save a “master resume” file on your computer with all experiences
    • Include a copy of your transcript with course titles and class projects
  2. Develop each resume uniquely from that file to demonstrate your match to the position
    • Insert the name of the company into an objective “To contribute to X”
  3. Limit your bullet points to a single line (demonstrate the ability to edit)
    • Start each line with an action verb
  4. Avoid claiming “I am an excellent writer” instead demonstrate by writing excellently
    • Ask 5 people to proof read and find every little mistake (they are always there)
  5. Gain technical skills to list on your resume for free at
    • See
  6. Remember every app you use and take for granted is a skill you have
    • Check your devices to see what apps you know
  7. Think of your resume as an advertisement, do not try and tell your whole life story
    • Leave some details for your cover letter and the interview
  8. Limit yourself to one page, one inch margins all around, 12 point font.
    • Do not squeeze! Do not use miniature font. Demonstrate your design ability
  9. Use vocabulary from the job or internship description in your resume and cover letter
    • Resumes are scanned for key terms, be sure you’ve inserted them
  10. Take advantage of University Career Services and Career Services at SCI
    • Get input on your resume and then choose what is right for you.

Click on the Link Below to See a 4 minute Commercial about Career Services at SC&I

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SC&I Career Website Commercial